Updated: June 29th, 2018

Owner Content Report

The page explains how a device owner may use the Adomni API to review what content has played on one of their devices over a given time period.


For the purposes of this paper we will assume that the user already has an owner account on Adomni.com, and has access to the credentials for that account.

Content report overview
Step 1 - Perform login

The customer generates a valid token for their owner account using the POST /access-token endpoint. More detail on the login process can be found here.

Step 2 - Find your device's id

The report API requires a device ID. You may already have it, but if not, you can review all the devices that are visible to you by hitting the /monitor/device-status endpoint. You will use the "id" value from one of the entries in the results array.

Step 3 - Select a time range.

The start and end times for this endpoint are expressed in terms of the UNIX "epoch". This eliminates possible issues with time zone confusion. Select a start and end date appropriately.

Step 4 - Execute your query

Visit the URL of the format /owner/reports/plays/devices/{deviceId}/{start}/{end}. So, for example, if I wanted to see the content on device id 98 between timestamp 1529737200 and 1529823600, I would visit /owner/reports/plays/devices/98/1529737200/1529823600 (supplying the correct login token, of course.


Every entry in the results will contain the fields contentId, orderId, and timestamp. These may be collated to see the results by order, time, or content, respectively.