Neon API
Neon API Documentation

Neon is's public API. The primary intended users fall generally into three groups:

  • DSPs and advertisers looking to connect to our SSP.
  • Media owners looking to manage their inventory on Adomni and sell on Adomni's DSP.
  • Media owners who wish to integrate a custom media player via VAST.

For assistance with your integration, please don't hesistate to drop us a line at

Getting Started

Neon is a JSON-based Web API organized around resource-oriented URLs. Paths in Neon generally follow the structure:

This will generally result in a listing of those objects. You can typically request details about a particular object using its ID by adding /{ID} at the end. See our API conventions for what to expect in terms of structure and style.

The root for our production API is

If you haven't done so yet, head over to the website and create an account to authenticate against the API.

Once you've created an account, you can authenticate using JSON Web Tokens. See our detailed instructions on authentication.

See the full list of endpoints using our API Browser.

What can I do with Neon?
SDK Libraries

Adomni provides libraries for interacting with our API if you'd prefer something a bit more prepackaged. These are the most recent builds against the production API.


Unless otherwise noted, terms used in the documents here are as defined in the Open RTB Specification version 2.5 or the 2018 IAB Digital Out-of-home Metrics glossary